Epic Escape Game - Castle Rock   611 N Wilcox St E Castle Rock,CO80104   (720) 696-7968
Epic Escape Game - Castle Rock
611 N Wilcox St E
Castle RockCO 80104
 (720) 696-7968
item imageDinner At The ManorCome dine with Mr. Stein- you may not like what's on the menu- you and your team. Get out while you still have all the parts you arrived with.
item imageHappy CampersA campsite, an RV and a hungry bear. And your team has lost the keys to escape the ravenous bear- you better find them if you want to see another day.
item imageSuper PowersProfessor Toxix has a new weapon- the super heroes aren't going to like it. Your team must enter the super heroes vault, find their gear and master their super powers before it is too late for us all.
item imageThe Red PlanetWanna take a trip to Mars and experience a meteor shower!? Be careful what you wish for; travel to Mars and do a little terra-forming while you mine for critical resources. What could possibly go wrong?
item imageThe QuestYou and your team must find and claim the Dragon Sword vanquish Mortis before he awakes. If you don't- we all perish under his rule and his awful brand of evil. This is the Quest, a hero's adventure.
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Escape Room in Castle Rock, CO

You're locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to escape or you don't survive. Do you panic? Or do you rise to the occasion and prove your worthiness?
Teamwork, cooperation, and analytical skills are all put to the test in the ultimate game of survival at Epic Escape Game. We've taken the latest craze of group bonding to the next level at our Escape Room in Castle Rock, CO. We feature a variety of Escape Room games where cool heads prevail in finding your way out of a series of locked rooms. Different clues are hidden around the room and will be your key to the next room . . . that is IF you and your team can find them! This unique team-bonding experience is perfect for gamers, family and friends, corporate events, tourists, and school groups. Or if you just want to have fun on a date night, come put your skills to the test.
Do some real team building in a fun, unique way. Bring your team on an escape adventure. Have your team play the game, record your experience, and then allow our certified Gallup Strengths Coach (also known as Clifton Strengths Assessment) or our Right Path Profile Facilitator evaluate your gameplay. Then you and your team will sit down and go over your team profile and relive your escape - linking them solidly together to strengthen your team's performance. All while having a blast solving puzzles and escaping!
You can choose from a number of escape room themes, including Dinner at the Manor, Happy Campers, Mission to Mars, and more. Each game has its own unique difficulty level and success rate. Losing can be a downer, but winning can be ecstasy!
Schedule a group outing at Epic Escape Game when you call (720) 696-7968 to schedule your next fun outing.

We opened our Escape Room in 2017.

We are located at 611 N Wilcox St, E, Castle Rock, CO.

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